Monday, August 16, 2010

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

I was almost positive I was going to enjoy Scott Pilgrim VS The World when I saw the original trailer. And believe me, I got more than I bargained for.  Scott Pilgrim is the kind of movie that is very fun to watch-- the cinematography is incredibly interesting, unique, artistic and sometimes it even feels chaotic. In terms of plot, I wasn't expecting anything beyond a simple romance wrapped in stylized action; so I was surprised to find that the movie had deeper meaning. If you've seen anything about the movie you should know the basic premise so I don't feel bad stating the basic plot-line (no worries, there are no spoilers ahead!). The movie is about Scott Pilgrim, an average underrated guy in a below average band, who has to defeat the seven evil exes of his new girlfriend Ramona so that he can continue dating her. As opposed to other teen-relationship movies, what I was amazed by is that this movie serves very well as a metaphor on real relationships. You realize that what the movie is really saying is that for any relationship to last, both parties have to get over their past relationships. If in your significant other's mind you are not better in one way or another than their exes, than why are they dating you? For Scott Pilgrim, by defeating each evil-ex, he was helping Ramona move on or get over that relationship. And even though it seems like a very obvious metaphor it surprised me how meaningful it made the movie. There is also some important meaning in Scott Pilgrim's quest involving himself and what he personally gets out of defeating the evil exes, which I won't go into in detail to save you from spoilers, but it basically boils down to if you don't respect yourself you won't respect other people.
Aside from all that meaningful stuff, it's still a blast to watch! You will only see the deeper meaning if you look for it, this is not one of those movies that shoves the theme in your face, it comes as an afterthought. I rarely have that much fun while watching a movie! Which is an impressive feat especially when you see how much I got out of it too! I would definitely recommend Scott Pilgrim VS The World and I say it's worth the full price of admission.

Verdict: Full Price